P510- The John Bosco School of yesterday !
P510- The John Bosco School of yesterday !

The Bislig Bay Elementary School faculty class in 1961. BBES was used to be where the ASMH is now. I remember it to be i
P511- Bislig Bay Elem. School

                                                                                          P512- St. Margaret Mary School

Historical Milestones of
            JOHN BOSCO COLLEGE as an educational institution in Mangagoy, Bislig Surigao del Sur stands as a continuing witness to the aspirations and dreams of a number of well-meant people who are visionaries in the field of human endeavour especially in the upliftment of the human conditions through education. The vision of these people encompasses not only the economic and the spiritual dimensions but also the social needs of the community of which they are active participants. Their dedication, sacrifices and tremendous drive towards a more fulfilling purpose gave way to the present status of the school.
John Bosco and St. John Baptist De La Salle.   Courtesy of Zola PariseauImageist row  :  virgina durano, era escalona, zola, ana angeo, becca godinez     2nd row:  ? , margie Baretto, ? , pam godin
P513- The 2 sides of JOHN !      
P514 - Ms. Lua and her        P515 - 1962 Grade 1 class in
                                                       Grade 3 dancing company   front of the convent.
            During the mid 50’s , an elementary school established exclusively for the company dependents of Bislig Bay Lumber Company Incorporated (BBLCI), the forerunner of Paper Industries Corporation of the Philippines (PICOP) became known as the Bislig Bay Elementary School. Its director was Dr. Tomas Virtucio and the principal was Mrs. Gloria Misa, wife of the Assistant to the Resident Manager, Guillermo V. Misa. This was part of Don Andres Soriano’s vision of putting up companies and then providing the best facilities for the benefit of the employees.
P516                                P511                                         P518
P90 -P89 -  P605 - St. Margaret Mary School   Grade 4 students dancing ' La
P90 -                                            P89 -                                             P605 -
            The founding of the Bislig Bay Elementary School is significant to John Bosco College because it had served as a bridge to the establishment of the first catholic school envisioned to offer quality Christian education.
1961        The company turned over the management of the school to Father Albert Grol. Father Grol, the parish priest, after having acquired the permission of Msgr. Charles Van den Ouwelant converted the school’s exclusive nature into parochial thereby opening the opportunities for the non-company dependents to have access to the school.
The Augustinian Recollect Missionary Sisters (ARM) took over the management of the school after Fr. Grol made representations with the Superior General Most Reverend Mother Carmen de la Sagrada Familia.

 Sister Irenea and Mother Guadalupe et al  Courtesy of JBC The beloved Father Henry Raam.  /Courtesy of Picop Resources Sister Maria Rosalie Lacorte  Courtesy of JBC

Ms. Norma Castillo and Sister Delia maria  Courtesy of JBC P93 - A school picnic in Danipas. Eddie Boy Gawat, Robby Misa, Carlo Abano, Teddy Sayawan, Amado  Fernandez, Ino Sayawan
1962        The name St. Margaret Mary School was adopted school year 1962-1963. St. Margaret Mary School was granted government recognition for a complete elementary course in the year 1963 by then Secretary of Education Alejandro Roces as recommended by Jesus Perpinan, Director of Private Schools. Dubbed as “the other side of the Dream” it answered the need for an elementary school and a catholic school for girls. Fr. Grol envisioned the establishment of a boys’ high school in Mangagoy. With the bishop’s blessing, he made representation with the late Don Andres Soriano for financial assistance. About the same time, the Salesian Fathers (SDB), through the Reverend Pierangelo Quaranta, were asking Don Andres Soriano for support for their plan to put up a Technical School in Mindanao – preferably in Davao, patterned after the Don Bosco School in Mandaluyong.
The philanthropist readily gave into the idea and asked for more concrete plans and conditioned that the school be put up in Mangagoy, Bislig, Surigao del Sur where Bislig Bay Lumber Company, Inc. through which a fast growing logging concern of the Andres Soriano Corporation could readily give employment to technical course graduates. Negotiations went fast between the parish priest and the Salesian fathers through Father Quaranta. The Salesian fathers found out they were short of priests, and that they could not spare anyone to come to Mangagoy to supervise the school, Father Quaranta, however, assured Fr. Grol that a team of lay teachers and a principal all from Don Bosco Mandaluyong would be coming.
1964        One Sunday morning in April, 1963, four teachers, Mssrs. Jose Padilla, Jr., Antonio de Ocampo, Rolando Castellano and Andres Dujale came to compose the pioneer teaching staff of the school. A few months later, Mr. Percival Buenvenida joined the four gentlemen to complete the teaching force.                                  
Mr. Jose Padilla, Jr. became the first principal and Mr. P. Buenvenida, the machine shop craftmaster.
Mr. Andres Dujale, the Woodwork Craftmaster, and Messrs.St. John Bosco Technical High School was born. De Ocampo and Castenellano were the classroom teachers. They were joined by the equally able-mentors from Bislig: Mrs. Josefita A. Marcaida and Mr. Amado Guillen. Thus, the
Classes started at the old parish rectory and part of the parish church had to be partitioned into classrooms.
The first building was built through the help of BBLCI management. It housed the two shops, one for Machine Shop practice, woodworking, and administrative offices and classrooms.
Fr. Grol, the indomitable spirit behind the founding of St. John Bosco Technical High School left for Holland. He was replaced by Fr. Henry Raam, MSC. Under him the school became recipient of the United Nation’s “Tools for Freedom”.
Meanwhile, St. Margaret Mary School was granted recognition for the first Year Level (HS) under the 2-2 Plan.

This is the first building that housed the classrooms and shops and later on was turned into an all shops establishment.Image
P519                                             P520

Mr. Andy Dujale with his woodworking class in JBTHS 1966. Courtesy of Lou P.This must be the 1966 Student Body of the St. John Bosco Technical School.  Courtesy of Lou Polina
P521                                             P522
P91 -   P98 - Warren on the steering wheel in a machine shop class. Courtesy of Warren Rebosura
               P91 -                                             P98 -
1965    The construction of Shop 2. It housed the Automotive and Carpentry shops           and additional temporary classrooms. Fr. Raam, himself gifted with technical    skills worked for a grant from the Dutch government and succeeded.
     Grants of machines and cash from the Dutch government were received. He     equipped the carpentry and Automotive Shops with the donated machines and with the cash; he built the auditorium and a high school building.
1966     St. Margaret Mary School received government recognition for the Fourth    Year under the 2-2 Plan.
1967     St. John Bosco Technical High School and St. Margaret Mary School had their first graduates. Twenty-eight gentlemen and eighteen sprightly ladies marched on stage to receive their diplomas from Msgr. Charles Van den Ouwelant, DD.
Special evening classes for Technical/Vocational students started. It offered Electronics, Industrial Electricity, Machine Shop Practice, Automotive Repair and Steno/Typing.
1968     Expiration of the contract of the ARM Sisters to run the St. Margaret Mary School. Members of the school board decided to invite the Maryknoll Sisters to run the school.
Construction of the High School Annex Building and the dormitory for the male staff on campus was undertaken.
High school girls moved to St. John Bosco Technical High School from St. Margaret Mary School located near the parish church.
The Grade School pupils stayed because the classrooms at the other campus were not finished yet. These classrooms were constructed through the benevolence of the management of Paper Industries Corporation of the Philippines (PICOP) who had continued the tradition started by the late Andres Soriano, Jr.
1969     St. John Bosco Technical High School and St. Margaret Mary School finally merged under the name JOHN BOSCO SCHOOL. Thus, making the school a co-education institution.
The two-year Vocational Courses were offered in the evening.
Construction of the Grade School U-shaped building through the subsidy allocated by PICOP
1970     Fr. Henry Raam completed his assignment in Mangagoy.
Sister Blaise Lupo, MM took over the directorship of the school.
Mr. P. Buenvenida headed the Vocational Department.
Transfer of the grade school pupils from St. Margaret Mary School to John Bosco Schol campus was completed.
The number of Board of Trustees increased from five to ten.
The St. Margaret Mary School building was turned over to the parish since the building was already unoccupied.
1972     The construction of additional classrooms to accommodate the increasing Technical/Vocational population.
1974        The first batch of Maryknoll Sisters left. A new batch came in.
JMS - De La Salle learning centre in Forest Drive Village, Coleto.  Courtesy of Zola P.
JMS-LC a La Salle supervised school was made operational at the FDV-1 Coleto, Bislig Surigao del Sur, 13 kilometres from the company mill site. Brother Thomas Cannon, FSC was the first De La Salle Brother Supervisor of the school.. The school was established for children of employees of PICOP residing in FDV, Bislig, Surigao
1975        Construction of the Open Gymnasium in the JBS playfield.
1976        The Maryknoll Sisters turned over the management of the grade school to a layman.
The Male Faculty House was renovated to become the Administrative Quarters.
1977        The last batch of Maryknoll Sisters left Bislig.
Turn over of administration and supervision of JBS to the De La Salle Brothers.
Bro. Thomas Cannon, FSC was the supervisor, Bro. Leonardo Sicat, FSC was the Guidance Counselor.
Mr. Manuel Fabella was the first lay director of the school.
The construction of the Learning Center – GS Mangagoy Campus
1978        Acqusition of Dorm 1.
Transfer of the female faculty from the old parish convent to Dorm 1.
Technical Department was opened in favor of the Vocational Department to meet the needs of PICOP for skilled workers.
1979        Modified Individually Guided Education (IGE) was adopted in the Grade School Department.
Constructoin of the Director’s quarter
1982        PAASCU Preliminary survey of the Grade School Department
Merger and consolidation of JBS in Mangagoy and JMS-LC in FDV under JOHN BOSCO SCHOOL with two campuses; the main campus in Mangagoy and JMS_LC in FDV. Bro. Mifrando Obach, FSC moved for the merger of the two schools.
The High School Department of FDV campus was phased out and transferred to Mangagoy Campus.
1984        Acquisition and renovation of the Guingoyon Residence into a Faculty Dormitory (Faculty Dorm 2).
Transfer of the male faculty from the old parish convent to Dorm 2.
Grade School Department granted PAASCY accreditation for three (3) years.
1985        Granting of government recognition for Grade Seven.
1986        Phasing out of the Vocation/Technical Department.
PAASCU Preliminary survey of the High School Department
1987        PAASCU re-accreditation survey of the Grade School Department.
Last term of Bro. Martin Simpson, FSC as the school Supervisor
1988        Formal PAASCU survey of the High School Department.
Basic Computer Education Program was offered to the fourth year students.
Grade School department was granted PAASCU accreditation for 5 years.
Construction of St. La Salle Chapel
Brother Robert Schieler, FSC took the post of Bro. Mifrando Obach, FSC when the latter’s term ended.
Silver Jubilee (25) Celebration
1989        Awarding of Level II Accreditation status to the Grade School Department.
High School Department was granted PAASCU accreditation.
1990        Construction of GS Annex Building.
Awarding of Level II accreditation status to the Grade School Department
Computer Education was offered to all high school students.
1991        Bro. Narciso Arguiza, FSC was appointed Brother Supervisor.
Renovation of the H.S. Canteen and the HS HE Room
1994        Construction of the Administration Building.
PAASCY reaccreditation of the Grade School Department
The latest construction by JBS that still needs funding for its unfinished classrooms when we visited the place in 2004.Image
P523                                              P524

P525                                            P526
1995        Offering of Computer Education for grade school pupils: grade three to six pupils.
1996        Construction of the oval.
1997        JBC became independent of PRI support of the company.
Recrafting of the Vision-Mission.
Construction of the Gym gallery. Construction Pre-School classrooms at the side of the gym.
Opening of the Nursery and Kinder I levels at Mangagoy Campus.
Designation of JBC by TESDA as a Provincial Trade Testing Center.
Approval of the amended articles of Incorporation changing the name JOHN BOSCO SCHOOL to JOHN BOSCO COLLEGE.
Opening of the College of Education. Re-opening of the Two-Year Tech/Voc courses.
Opening of the College/TechVoc Library.
Renovation of the grade school canteen and construction of mezzanine.
1998        PAASCU Reaccreditation of the High School Department.
Perimeter fencing at the JMS_LC Campus.
Closure of the JMS-LC grade school level.
CHED granted the school permit to offer Bachelor of Science in Computer Science.
Jade Jubilee (35) Celebration.
1999        PAASCU reacreditation of the Grade School.
Construction of the pre-school playhouse.
Conversion of the 2nd storey of the SJBDLS into a roof deck.
First TVET graduates.
LASSO accreditation.
2000        TESDA granted the school permit to offer Computer Based Accountancy, Caregiver Course, Hotel and Restaurant Management, Civil Technology, Rural Development Technology.
Construction of the Main Gate.
Offering of Computer Education to Grade School Department from Grades On to Six.
37th Open House Celebration
2001        The Special Education Program for the Hearing Impaired was established.
La Salle Rural Youth Development Center at JMS-LC was established. La Salle Rural Youth Development Program is funded by La Salle District’s Fund for the Apostolate of the Poor (FAP).
Provision of the Digital Laboratory. Conversion of the Faculty Dormitory 2 into a lodging house.
Improvement of the covered walk from the gate to the SJBDLS Bldg. Membership in the Bislig Tripartite Industrial Council, RTESDC Board, HEIA, CHERAA, BISCHEA.
2002        Offering of the Sunday High School, Acquisition of Toyota Revo GL_DSL.
Offering of the Two-year Hotel and Management Course.
Renovation of the JBC Dorm 2 into a Mini Hotel and Restaurant (Pensionne La Salle)
Institutional LASSO reaccreditation. Retained its accredited status.
Renovation of the Administrative Bldg. Basement through the financial assistance of Mr. Henry Raam.
39th Open House Celebration
2003        Acquisition of the Multi-cab.
PAASCU reaccreditation survey of the High School Department.
Construction of the Caregiver Laboratory.
Mrs. Ophelia Fugoso was seconded to LASSO and replaced Bro. Jun Erguiza as the School’s Supervisor and LASSO Superintendent.
Offering of Computer Education to Kinder 2 pupils.
Ruby Year (40) Celebration.
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As gathered from JBC Ruby Year Celebration Book



                                     Andres Soriano College
                                                              ( to come )

 The Andres Soriano Colleges (formerly ASI) taken from the hill where the church is. Courtesy of Mike L./ NZP  Senior Children of Fatima - Andres Soriano Institute     Ambing Castillo, Elisa Lopez, Ms. Sarmiento, Cecile Castroverde
P527                                             P528

APOSTOLIC PRAYERS OF MANGAGOY WITH REV. CHARLEY VAN DE   OWELANT   JUNE 19,1960     Mrs. Dominguez, Marina Sayawan, Mrs. Image Andres Soriano College  Courtesy of ASC/ Mike L.

                                The other picture is when I was first year High School at ASI, Andres Soriano Academy then./ Courtesy of Cecile Castrove I have a more complete picture of the Children of Fatima, the seniors and the juniors together. I do not recognized all  Another picture is taken at our Home Economics class at ASI. Though we were posing for the picture we really did bake a

Courtesy of ASC/Mike L. Grade 4 Class 1951-52, Mangagoy Elementary School./ Courtesy of  Cecile Castroverde-Malanum Here are some more pictures. I am getting to be an expert like Cynthia.  Picture when I was in Grade 4 and grade 5.  Man

(The message below regarding the JBS Batch '70 Reunion was temporarily posted here until i find the right place for it.)
12 June 2004
 Brod Mario,
Got back here in Vancouver yesterday after a long and
very tiring trips to Leyte and Guangzhou.
Our reunion in Bislig is a very successful one. I would like
to extend my personal (and in behalf of our class) the appreciation to the following people :
1. Agnes Asido-Sarmiento's family business staff who
    treated us for a big lunch after arriving Davao.
2. Carlo Abano - For taking care of our overnight stay in
    Davao before and after the Bislig trip. Provided all the
    transportation, food and accomodations in Davao.
3. Douglas Dumadag, Lucio Polina, Corazon Pague-
    Pelenio and others who did all their best that made this
    momentous event more than a success. Job very well
    done, Guys !
    Thanks Vicky Morelos-Rico for the over-all coordination.
    She was elected as the President for a 3 year term.
4. Mr. & Mrs. Willy Fuentes - for welcoming the group,
    allowing us to visit the Administration Bldg. and the
    use of Danipas Park (lots of trees there now and toilets)
    for the picnic. Appreciate their time in joining us in most
    of the events.
5. Special thanks to the following for being with us in the
    JBC compound.
    Mr. William M. Plaza - President, JBC Alumni Asso.
    Mr. Margarito L. Lor - Alumni Relation Officer
    Mrs. Ophelia S. Fugoso - Director, JBC
    Mrs. Radigunda L. Haganus - Chairperson, JBC
6. To Ms. Milagros Reyes, Ms. Norma Castillo and Mrs.
    Julieta Tangpos-Aseniero -all beloved teachers who
    came and spent their time with us.
7. The class of '79 who also happened to have their
    reunion in the same week, joined us for a group
    picture taking in Danipas.
8. Thanks to Ruth and Roger Eleazar for the welcome-
    lunch reception in their market restaurant.
9. And to many others that is so difficult for me to mention
   who have welcome us, contributed in some ways, talked
   to us in the duration of our stay in Bislig.
Thanks and best regards,